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Personalized Approach of Tibetan Medicine

Traditional Tibetan Medicine can be seen as a forerunner of modern personalized healthcare. 

For millennia, it has recognized the uniqueness of each individual and their distinct needs. By categorizing people into seven main types based on the predominance of Five Elements and Three Humors, Tibetan medicine offers a holistic approach to understanding health.

No expensive tests are needed to determine your type. Take a free Typology Questionnaire  and learn how to maintain optimal health in your daily life.

Explanations on Elements and Humors

What does it mean to have predominance of Wind, Fire, or Water&Earth for my health and wellbeing? We explain it both from Tibetan and Western medicine perspectives.

Easy Typology Test

Answer 15 questions and  check which of the seven Tibetan constitutional types you probably are: Lung (Wind), Tripa (Fire), Beken (Water&Earth), or a combination type. 

Guidelines for Each Type

Learn what are your type's dominant emotions, strengths, and weaknesses; which organs are especially sensitive;  which diseases risks you should be aware of.

Tibetan Yoga Nejang 

Balance your elements with Tibetan Yoga Nejang practice tailored to specific types. Learn how simple exercices, when done on daily basis, can influence your health and well-being! Our app makes it easy to accomplish!

Holistic Nutrition Guidance

Diet plays an important role in Tibetan medicine, tailored to individual typology, current state, and seasonal variations. Our app provides comprehensive insights into diet from this perspective, offering:

- Recommended diets and nutritional styles
- Foods to avoid for your type
- A curated list of products beneficial for your type
- Constantly growing database of recipes for each type
- Tracking water intake and calories effortlessly

Seasonal Programs        

As a natural system, Tibetan medicine acknowledges our interconnectedness with the environment. Changes in external elements can affect our internal balance and contribute to seasonal illnesses. 

Follow our straightforward steps for each season to counteract such adversities.

Spring Health Program

A 4 weeks program to prevent spring disorders, such as fatigue, allergies, weight gain and more. Learn diet, lifestyle, herbs and easy to do at home external therapies to feel better! Track your progress and see the results!


Learn Healing Meditations

Connect to yourself, develop compassion and peace of mind, relax and enjoy the healing vibe of Medicine Buddha practice

Engage with Tibetan Yoga Nejang

Get in for multi-week courses on yoga and meditation to help relax your mind and prevent health disorders.

Access Continually Growing Resources

New programs for each season, more recipes, classes and even future live events! 
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