Find your way to be

Happy and Healthy

traditional Tibetan medicine & modern Functional medicine

Identify the causes

addressing the true causes, not only the symptoms, can improve your health in a long term.

Effectivly prevent

prevention is more important than the cure. React to the signals of your body before serious conditions arrive.

Restore the balance 

with the right food, lifestyle and herbs. Add external therapies and meditation for a better result.

Stay happy & healthy

by keeping the balance. Your health is in your hands, but you may need a guidance to take it back!

Health is balance


We all search for health and happiness. According to the medical science of ancient Tibet, balance is the key. When we loose mental or physical balance, disease may appear. It is important to identify the underlying cause of disease and learn how to treat and prevent it from future reappearance.

People often seek me for common reasons like:

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Fertility and Hormonal Health

Fertility is natural if you are healthy. Hormonal disbalance indicates that something is going wrong.

Prevention of Civilisational Diseases

Many modern diseases come from our unhealthy lifestyle. Make  conscious changes in your life.

Nutrition for Health and Longevity

Longevity and beauty come from whithin. Influence your gene expression by proper nutrition  and life style.

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Currently I offer face-to-face as well as online consultation. Please read Cancellation Policy carefully.
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