Prices & booking

My Life Studio 
Pelleova 7, Prague 6
cosy treatment room 
every Wednesday, Friday & Thursday
metro Hradcanska 
trams 1, 8, 12, 25, 26


Valid from 1.09.2023
Consultations  – 2 000 CZK/h
Note: the first consultation takes about 1,5- 2h. It includes detailed anamnesis, defining typology, preliminary diagnosis according to traditional Tibetan and Functional Medicine, as well as advices on diet, lifestyle, supplements or therapies. The follow up consultation (including Tibetan medicine treatment)  is usually about 1h.
Functional medicine tests (upon inquiry)
DUTCH - the most advanced hormonal test from dried urine  

DNA Health - nutrigenomic test, to help you with the diet and supplements based on your genes.

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For the visit

Please bring your morning urine and "Food, Mood and Poop diary"  (e.g. write down all what you have eaten during at least 3 days before the visit, any food supplements and drugs taken, what was your stool like and how was your mood and other symptoms)

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot come, please let me know asap. Cancellation of the visit up to 24h before the visit is free.
Cancellation later or no-show will be charged for half price of the appointed visit (minimum 600 CZK)

Thank you for understanding.

Consultation request

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