Anastazie Holecko, MD, CFMP

I am a human being, a mother, and a doctor. I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, but grew up in Poland. During my medical studies at Medical University in Lodz I met Dr Nida Chenagtsang, an outstanding Tibetan doctor who has changed my view on medical science and became my constant inspiration. Thus I completed studies of traditional Tibetan medicine parallelly to Western medicine.

I was trained on internships in Tibetan hospitals in Dharamsala, India, and Tibet, Amdo province. Functional medicine I studied at Functional Medicine University and Institut fukční medicíny a vyživy in Prague. 

Love brought me to Prague, Czech Republic. There I worked at the gastroenterology department in Motol hospital, but after the birth of kids I opened my privite alternative practice.

I founded Czech and Polish branches of Sorig Khang International, in Czechia under the name of Akademie tradiční tibetské medicíny. For over 10 years I have been an editor of Sowa Rigpa Journal, a journal on Traditional Tibetan Medicine. 

I guide Vitality Retreats based on the traditional Tibetan Anti-aging protocols (Chudlen), incorporating Western medical science.  

I was always fascinated by meditation and mind work. It especially helped me in difficult times of my life. I hope that through my experiences I will be able to help also you on your way to health and happiness.



10/2022 - graduated from Functional Medicine University and Institut fukcni mediciny a vyzivy as Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner  (CFMP)

Since 2019 – Functional Medicine for Physicians educational programme, including courses in Functional Nutrition and Tools of Functional Medicine, Institute of Functional Medicine and Nutrition, Prague

9/2020 – Seminar "Tests of Functional Medicine: Hormonal Imbalance", School of Clinical Naturopathy, Prague

5/2020 – Access BARS therapy course, Prague

3/2020 – Seminar of Nutrigenomic DNA Analysis, School of Clinical Naturopathy, Prague

2019 – Nutrition Consultant course, Institute of Healthy Lifestyle, completed with a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

2011-2012 – Acupuncture Course for Physicians, IPVZ, completed with a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

2009 -2011 – Postgraduate studies at Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine (interrupted due to parental leave)

2007-2010 – Study of Tibetan language at the Institute of Tibean and Asian Studies, (ITAS, Malaga)

2004-2009 – Study of Traditional Tibetan Medicine Sowa Rigpa at the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Italy, now Sorig Khang International (SKY))

2002-2008 – Medical University in Lodz, Poland, General Medicine

Work and Internships

Since 2019 – consulting at the Clinic of the Institute of Functional Medicine and Nutrition in Prague

Since 2014 – private alternative practice, counseling at the Holistic Person Center, Prague

2011, 2017, 2018 – Tibetan Hospitals in Xinning and Mahlo, Tibet, China (internship)

2009-2011 – Department of Internal Medicine (gastroenterology) in Clinical Hospital in Motol, Prague (employment)

2008 – Tibetan MenTsi Khang Hospital in Dharamshala, India (internship)

2006-2007 – Faculty of Medicine, Henry Poincaré University, Nancy, France (Erasmus internship)

Courses in Tibetan medicine 
(on top of the 4-year study program)

2019 – Pancha Karma, cleansing therapies in Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda, Darnkow, Poland

2019 – Spiritual Healing and Visualizations according to the Tibetan medicine tradition of Yuthok Nyingthig, Darnkow, Poland

2019 – Instructor course in Tibetan external therapies, Anzio-Roma, Italy

2019 – Advanced Urine Analysis in Sowa Rigpa, Valuste, Estonia

2018 – Tibetan Yoga Instructor Course Najang, Pisa, Italy

2017 – Rejuvenation and Regeneration in Tibetan medicine (Chulen), 2nd degree, Touluse, France

2017 – Instructor course Basics of Tibetan Medicine - Root Tantra from 4 Medical Tantras Gyu shi, Valencia, Spain

2016 – Tibetan Acupuncture, Valuste, Estonia

2015 – Mantra Healing in Tibetan medicine, 2nd level, Darnkow, Poland

2015 – Chulen, Rejuvenation and Regeneration in Tibetan medicine, Darnkow, Poland

2014 – Nejang, Tibetan Healing Yoga, Kathmandu, Nepal

2014 – Dream Analysis and Psychology course, 2nd level, Warsaw, Poland

2013 – Tibetan Medical Therapies workshop, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 – Kunye, Tibetan Massage, Lodz, Poland

2006 – Tibetan Dream Analysis and Psychology, 1st degree, London, UK

2004 – Mantra Healing in Tibetan medicine, Moscow, Russia

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