Horme - Genghis Khan's Therapy for Stress

October 27, 2023

edit: January 2024


Do you feel overwhelmed, tired but wired? Can't fall asleep despite exhaustion, or wake up early morning about 4-5 am and can't fall asleep any more? Do you feel anxiety or burnout? Problems with concentration and memory? This is just the beginning of the list... 

Genghis Khan may have suffered similar difficulties in ruling and expanding his vast empire. Like him, today an external therapy from the traditional Tibetan and Himalayan medicine called Horme can help us. Genghis Khan was a Mongol, so it is not surprising that Horme is a word of Mongolian origin and means "Mongolian fire".

How Horme works

The common denominator of the above mentioned symptoms is Wind element disbalance (in Tibetan Lung). To Lung problems belong also muscle stiffness, arrhythmias, osteoporosis, chronic back pain, some menstrual disorders and many more. And Horme is one of the methods of traditional Tibetan medicine for this kind of disorders. 

From the Western perspective, we could blame an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system (chronic stress mode) and an adrenal burnout. However it is difficult to find an exact correlation between different systems - the Lung pathology is wider and can include several different diagnoses from the allopathic medicine. 

The Horme therapy involves heating certain acupressure points with herbal sacs soaked in hot oil. The warmth, oil and pleasant aroma of the herbs work deeply, creating a deep feeling of relaxation. Horme also accelerates regeneration after operations or traumas. Many of my patients even fall asleep during this therapy.

PMS, Pregnancy, Birth or Postpartum? 

In women, the Horme relieves painful menstruation, relieves labor pains and also helps a lot during post-partum times.  Fresh mothers rarely receive enough care, as all the attention is focused on the newborn baby. Gentle Horme therapy gives mothers the strength to cope with a new situation. It can also help the babies to sleep better.

And if you are going through a difficult period of life and need support, come and try the beneficial effects of Horme therapy on yourself. My clients often fall asleep during the therapy, when tension finally leaves the body and the nervous system starts to regenerate and switch to parasympathetic..

Schedule an appointment here, or learn it on the online webinar (in Czech language) here.

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