Milk - Nectar or Poison?

December 29, 2022


Sowa Rigpa Point of View

Gyu shi, 4 Medical Tantras of Tibetan Medicine praise milk as a beverage with many benefits. With its sweet taste and heavy and oily qualities it helps grow bodily constituents, pacifies disorders of Lung (Wind) and Tripa (Fire), increases virility, cures pulmonary disorders and chronic infections and emaciation, and is rejuvenating.

Milk from different animals differ - cow milk is cool, goat milk even more so, while sheep, horse and yak milk is more warming. Also they way of preparation affects the quality of milk - cold or unboiled (like straight from the fridge) is very heavy and cooling and aggravates Beken (Phlegm) disorders and is heavy to digest; warm, boiled becomes lighter and warmer. Freshly collected milk that is still warm is considered to be a true nectar. 

With these traditional explanations one would say, yes, let’s drink it! Yet in my practice I meet many patients who much improve on dairy-free diet. How can that be? 

Picture by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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