In Touch with Yourself

June 12, 2019

Do you feel that something is wrong in your body, but you don’t know what? You check with the doctor, but find no particular pathology. We often get into the trap of putting all our trust into doctors, instead of trusting ourselves. Who but you knows how you feel, what stresses you most? What life situation you have been through? What food makes you feel better or worse?

Maybe you neither don’t know yourself well. Physically you know your weight, heith, eye color. But do you know your inner organs? How is your heart, lungs, liver, gall bladder? What are your dominant emotions, what is your system of belief?

Maybe t’s time to get to know yourself. Connect to your breath, heartbeat, to your belly and muscles. Become aware of any tension you have in you body. We often are so much in our work, stress, that we are hardly aware of how tight and tense our body and mind are. Touch you shoulders. Are they soft and relaxed, or hard, holding tones of stress? What about your belly? How is your stool? How is your sleep? Make an inner CT scan of whole your body, from tip of toes to the tip of head. Try to percieve all the imbalanced parts. You may feel them as dark, or just allow any feelings that come from this mental scanning,

When you realize the tense places in your body, the nest step is to consciously relax them. Turn off your stress mode to „rest and digest“ mode, for regeneration, good digestion, improved sexual energy and fertility.

Western research explains the mechanisms how the mind in stress influences the body by neurotransmitters, hormons, and activation of sympathetic nervous system, preparing your body for fight or flight. However most of the daily functions, indespesable for thriving are drived by parasympathetic nervous systém, which is in busy modern times mostly turned off. Sometimes we are so tense, „tired and wired“ that we are not even able to relax and fall aspleep. It is a warning sygnal for you, and it’s high time to change something in your life, before the health damage becomes obvious.

Eastern medical systems explain it on the energy level. Intensive and chonic emotions (even those considered positive in the West, like desire) cause energy imbalance or even blockage of its circulation. Later on it manifests on the physical level. Tibetan medicine knows that by working on the energy one can rebalance both mental and physical troubles.

All traditional holistic medicinal systems, and not only in the East, knew and used healing methods as yoga, breathing excercises, or massage. In Tibetan medicine there is a unique system of working with energy. It helps us to feel again well in one’s body, connect to oneself, slow down, and allow natural healing to appear. There we can find Nejang yoga, Tibetan massage Kunye, Horme therapy, acupuncture, cupping, sauna and meditation, among others. They remove energy stagnation and rebalance body, energy and mind. Or, if you prefer the Western view, they activate parasympathetic nervous system, calm down mental agitation, release physical tension, improve blood suply to the tissues and their functions. Whatever the explanation, their effects are tangible.

There are many methods how you can get in touch with yourself and start healing, but you have to make the first step. Make time for yourself. Try out what works for you. Start friendship with yourself. Living in harmony with yourself and nature is a powerful source of healing, and I can only be a guide to help you find this balance again.

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